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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fear and Hope

 Today's post doesn't have to do with autism specifically, but it has to do with life and family:

Fear is an emotion we are all familiar with. We fear the unknown, we fear loss, we fear losing control of our lives. The hard truth is that many of the most important things in life are outside of our control, including the health and well-being of ourselves and those we love.

And so the challenging part: what do we do when we realize our limitations to control life and make it "safe"? Can we meet fear with hope and live our lives to the fullest not only despite having this knowledge, but because of it?

Today I have a guest blogger who is a husband and father - he shares the story of his wife and young family, a challenging life-threatening illness, and their life-affirming and hopeful response to the curve that life has thrown at them:

My name is Cameron Von St. James and I’m a husband to one of the strongest people I know. Eight years ago, after our only child was born, my wife Heather was diagnosed with mesothelioma – a rare cancer caused only by asbestos exposure. My wife’s chronic illness taught our family the importance of acknowledging and overcoming our fears, something that prevent us all from living life to the fullest.
This February 2nd marks the 8th anniversary of Heather’s life saving surgery, which involved a risky procedure requiring the removal of her left lung. It is a very special day to me and is considered one of the memorable days of my life! We’ve coined this day as LungLeavin’ Day.
The purpose of LungLeavin’ Day is to encourage and empower others battling their own illnesses and life challenges to face their fears! On this day we celebrate for those who are no longer with us, for those who continue to fight, for those who are currently going through a tough time in their life, and most importantly, we celebrate life! Each year, friends and family gather at our house around a bonfire where we write our fears on a plate and smash them into the fire to represent conquering our fears.
 This year, we are asking bloggers to participate in LungLeavin’ Day! We’ve created an interactive page that tells the full story of this special day, which can be found here:
 I’d love for you to check out the page and consider sharing it on your blog to help spread the word about LungLeavin’ Day! It would mean so much to Heather and I.

So tomorrow is LungLeavin' Day - a great day for writing your fears on a plate and smashing them in the fire!
All the best to Heather, Cameron and Lily. May you celebrate this way for many years to come!

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